Installing XP Drivers under Windows Vista 02.04.2008


Normally, you can with some success install XP Software and XP Drivers the following way:

  • insert your installation CD / unzip your application / driver package
  • right klick on "setup.exe" and klick on "compatibility"
  • select "Windows XP SP2" and "run as Administrator".

in most cases, this will do the trick. but there is some software , are some drivers, that just refuse to install, no matter what you try. after some hours of fiddling around and using google, i finally found a solution that works exceptionally well:

  • download the tool DriverMax
  • install your driver under Windows XP (if you dont have it installed, just install XP into vmware or go to a friends pc)
  • install the tool DriverMax under XP, too
  • export the driver in question using DriverMax into a zip file
  • import this zip file using DriverMax while running in Vista

This method worked fine for the USB DVBT-stick MSI Mega Sky, for wich MSI refuses to make Vista drivers.

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