Tiny online PHP / html self Editor 07.11.2007


This single php file ( editor.php ) allows you to easily edit other files located on your server using your favourite browser. This allows you to easily make small changes to your website without the need of an cumbersome content management system. You can simply and directly edit your source code, without the need of the typical ftp-download, edit, ftp-upload cycle.
more.. You can of course edit edit.php itself, hence the title ".. self Editor". It contains a small file browser that lists the contents of the current directory, such that you can easily pick different file for editing. Access to the editing functions is protected using a login form and a session.

Usage: simply type "edit.php?file=index.html" into your browser or add that as a link to the file you want to edit.
more arguments:

  • preview_url=index.php - sets the file that will be loaded into an iframe to show a preview.
  • preview_width=1024 - sets the widht of the iframe that shows your changes.

Download:, 215 kbyte
Important! Dont forget to change the default password in the config area at the top of edit.php!

Credits: this online editor script heavily relies on the fantastic EditArea Javascript Editor by Christophe Dolivet. Without it, it would be practically impossible to at tab stops, because in normal html text input areas, a tab just moves the focus to the next form element, instead of adding a tab to the text.

Status: tis is just an prototype. dont expect it to be secure or completely working. the "file browser" for example is not yet working as you would expect. coming in a later version. i am not responsible for any security holes or data losses caused by this script. use at your own risk.



Realtime video motion capture for augmented reality Experiments 21.10.2007


This tool was developed for experiments in Augmented Reality. It allows realtime motion capture and simultaneous overlayed playback of motion capture data at 100 Hz. Video data was recorded from Basler Cameras @ 100Hz, greyscale thresholded and clustered using either k-means, region grow (default) or hirarchical clustering. gathered cluster centres form anchor points of a 2D model of for example a human arm filmed in sideview.
more.. the model and its trajectories can be saved to ascii files. this allows for recording of movements of a "teacher", that can be played back simultaneously for the student who tries to improve on its arm movements, for example throwing a dart arrow. the student can see its own movements and the playback of the teacher using either a wall projection or a monocular head mounted display, for example "liteye 750". demo download (basler cam video input replaced with dummy driver): augmented_reality.exe, 350 kbyte upx'ed



Tiny Basic Interpreter in C++ 23.11.2006


A very small, single header basic interpreter. Only 750 lines of code. Its in fact so small, that you can easily add your own keywords and built in functions. It is based on uBasic v0.1. i just converted uBasic to C++, nicely wrapped in a Class with only 3 public member functions yet, and stuffed everything in a single header for ease of use. status: unstable / alpha.

download:, 34 kbyte



simple Hexapod using a system of damped springs 17.07.2003


this is a simple prototype of a hexapod walker using just a system of damped springs. The springs that stabilize the legs can be modulated in length, causing leg movements. simple sinusoidal modulation of joint "muscles", no coordination rules.

download:, 150 kbyte



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