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MultiPlot allows for fast plotting two - dimensional graphs. You simply add points with their coordinates (x,y) and optionally their colors (r,g,b) and MULTIPLOT does the rest for you. It scales automatically such that the whole graph fits to the window. It is based on for platform independent window-creation (and so should compile on win32, mac and linu[ni]x ) and for fast drawing of lines. To use MULTIPLOT, you only need to include "multiplot.h" and you are done.
here is an example code on how to use multiplot:

void main()
	// create a multiplot window
	// at position (x,y)=(10,10) and with 
	// a width and height of 300 pixels
	Multiplot m(10,10,600,300);

	// make it visible;

	// and plot a nice sine wave
	for(int x=0;x<300;x++)
		// add point at (x,y) coordinates
		m.plot(x, 0.1*x*sin(0.1*x));


		// force event propagation
		if (!m.check()) { break; }

	// wait till window is closed by user



Documentation (outdated)

multiplot 0.3 documentation

PLEASE drop me a note if you have questions or something doesnt work:
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